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Music as Concept in Music: Architecture and Music. Three Birds, New York. Some of the elements are visual, others musical. He used different methods and contexts to investigate this complex and ambiguous concept. The concept does not have a single definition, but is included in several: musical sound of an intensity of one, in a social context (such as in a street procession or a rally); music as a symbol, in political, social, and other contexts (in a march, a musical party, an oratorio); and architecture and the town in social and individual contexts, where music is a representation. Ex: Husserl (1985):'music is the expression of the whole, to which it is indispensable, to be able to capture what is going on. The composer is not, as it were, the executioner who, when all the instruments have played the note, executes the musical structure. It is rather that what is being executed is already a completed totality, an entity of a certain degree of form. The composer does not produce this entity in accordance with an incomplete idea. He produces it as an already completed entity. The music which we hear is not just the product of a succession of notes but the mind listens to a complete musical structure. I think of this as a collective listening, which is required if it is to be able to grasp the totality and the quality of the music. But the melody can also be seen as a concept, which is then no longer an idea but rather something with its own form. And the whole structure can also be regarded as a visual concept'. 3)'The concept of the city which the city has of itself ':'Music in the urban context is best explored in relation to specific structures and places. What can be seen and heard in a concert is often the result of improvisation, making new music in a unique situation. For example, the musicians made improvisations which were based on the sounds they heard around them in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome. They made music which was also based on the expressions they saw in the faces of the audience. In this, they reflected on their own senses. Each of them had different sounds in his ear, and the faces in front of him were different. In this way they interpreted the world, and the world interpreted them back. No-one could have expected that. They felt good, they felt uncomfortable, they felt excited, their mood varied. All the possible emotions could be heard in this improvised music. Based on the language of




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Discografia Rick E Renner Torrent 59

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